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New publication: Report about Wikipedia and libraries

I’ve written a report (sv. kunskapsöversikt) about libraries and Wikipedia on behalf of Biblioteksutveckling Sörmland. The report highlights how libraries can work with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia platforms to

– teach media and information literacy and digital literacy 💻 ;
– preserve, communicate, and encourage interactivity with cultural heritage collections 🎭 ;
– inspire the future development of knowledge organisation and management 🗃 ;
– support libraries in their work to promote democracy, e.g. by engaging with minorities and minority languages 🗣 ;
– promote and support open knowledge and research available for all 📚.

The report was published last week and is available as pdf document. There is also a 10 minute long film summarising the findings of the report. Both are in Swedish 🇸🇪 , but the long list of references is multilingual so hopefully it can be useful as a resource even if you don’t read Swedish. 😁

The document is not complete in the sense that there is a lot of new research coming out about Wikipedia, it’s difficult to cover everything that has been done so far, and I had to make a selection. The report will therefore be published in a wiki format later on, so that people can add to it, extend it, and contribute with new references. It’s how knowledge should be built, right? Together! 🤓 🌍

You can find the report 📕 and the film 📽 through this link.

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