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Freedom of Panorama Public Art Walks at Icepops 2018

Yesterday I held a short lightning talk on the public art maps I previously wrote about on the UK Copyright Literacy blog (also cross-posted on this blog).

I’ve done a minor update on the interactive map page, adding public art in Uppsala with English text. I am planning to add more art in Uppsala and other cities, but time is (as always) scarce.

I wish I had been more of my usual enthusiastic self in the lightning talk but as soon as I stepped of the plane in Manchester on Monday I felt this terrible cold coming on and it still has me in a firm grip. As I’m staying the week in Liverpool for LILAC 2018 this is mighty annoying. Due to low energy levels I skipped this morning’s parallel sessions.

I did however attend the wonderful session on The Publishing Trap and I am now very keen to make a copy of the game to play at home (which is Uppsala University Library for the time being – surprise!). Luckily, some things are unbound by the unnatural national borders we keep up by copyright, so there’s not too many adaptions needed (if any?); open access and scholarly perceptions on publishing and openness are quite similar in Sweden and the UK. (A Brask note* that I haven’t studied all the board game materials in details.)

Well, while everyone else has been networking and checking out the terracotta army (did you know Liverpool has the oldest Chinese community in Europe?) at least my feverish sinuses has inspired this blog post.

* A Brask note is a sort of disclaimer, although the etymology behind the Swedish brasklapp is so intriguing that it, like lagom, should be exported to the English language. And possibly many other languages as well.