My first keynote! On AI, libraries and society

May was a month of adventures! On 11 May I gave a keynote on AI, libraries and society at the library days of Finland’s Swedish library association. This picture from this event was graciously taken and shared by Maria Lorentzon.

Karolina holding a keynote speech at FSBF:s biblioteksdagar in Vaasa

Karolina – a keynote speaker!

On 24 May a text I wrote together with my colleague Hilda Forss about ChatGPT and DALL-E (or really mainly about challenges and opportunities in art and society brought on by AI) was published in Ny tid. It’s an interesting mix of our perspectives as researchers in information studies and literary studies respectively, and I’m very grateful to collaborate with such an astute and clever researcher who continuously changes and expands my train of thought every time we talk.

On May 25-26 I also attended a conference for doctoral researchers organised by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland that gave very useful insights in the doctoral research process and on what happens next. In some ways it provided me with a map confirming that I am, indeed, on the right path. A big thank you to the organisers and to Camilla Lindholm (TAU) and Åsa Burman (SU) for the lecture/workshop!

Can’t wait to see what June will bring!

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